Friday, December 24, 2010

A new winner? 3 times in a row, impressive!

Hello players,

first of all, congratulations to our winner Alessandro Grussu, he has won 3 times in a row, that's very difficult to achieve for anyone. Also I want to congratulate Alex Lukic, who 
has fighted until the end, but he has found a great rival this time, Grussu was very motivated, being the winner twice before is a great motivation I guess.

Also I want to congratulate every player because all of you have maintained the tournament alive one more year. Well, while I work judging recordings I want to wish you a happy new
year, also I hope to see you all next year in a new SpeccyTour's season.

Merry Xmas & happy new year!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Tournament Code


after receiving several numbers, here you have the new tournament code for the lastest week of the tournament.

TC = ((7694*5) + (3333*5) + (2987*5) + (2290*5) + (9999*5) + (3856*5) + (9372*5) + (4587*5)) / 3 = 220590 / 3 = 73530

good luck to everyone, I hope this week give us more records!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mikie score beaten!

While I was writing the former post, Gazzosa has been playing and he has destroyed last hi-score. New hi-score is 471,400, now is 100 points over Alex Lukic... 

I think Alex has a hard work in front of him if he wants to carry on the fight for the championship.

Tournament is ending

Phew, too much time since I don't write anything. It has been a shame for me because I haven't had time to play either follow the tournament as I'd like to. Anyway Alex Lukic has been done a good work this year finding solutions to problems that have turned up with some games.

Let's summarize a bit the state of the tournament nowadays...

Current Hi-scores

  • 3D Tanx: Well, this game has been a failure, too many problems so in the end everybody get 65000 points as max, we have had to count the time to get it. For now, the fastest player is Alessandro Grussu (aka Gazzosa) who get the top score in 40 minutes.
  • Badlands155,120Alessandro Grussu (aka Gazzosa) since 26th of Nov. Great score indeed, 2nd place is far enough.
  • Bombjack2,920,990Aleksandar Lukic (aka Alex Lux) since 28th of Nov. As Alex predicted, this game is one of the best of this tournament. Lot of players have made great scores, four of them over 2M points!.
  • Daley Thompson's Supertest345,516Alessandro Grussu (aka Gazzosa)  since 20th of Nov. Better score than my 2nd place in ST2003, but far from the 1st place by Paul French that year. There may be surprises yet...
  • Fred62,500Aleksandar Lukic (aka Alex Lux) since 5th of Dec. A great score too, but as Alex says, very far from ST2002 hi scores.
  • Jumping Jack10,725Aleksandar Lukic (aka Alex Lux) since 24th of Oct. As I said in the former post, very hard to beat... It's the oldest hi-score!. I tried to beat him, but it's needed too much time, more than playing Supertest!.
  • Mikie383,600 BadBeard since 30th of Oct. I thought it'd be beaten, but I was wrong, nobody has been able to!. Second place by A. Grussu is only 600 points from it!. That worth a championship...
  • Solomon's Key4,569,037Alessandro Grussu (aka Gazzosa) since 11th of Nov. It has been long time since anybody submits a new great score... may be last week?
  • Worse Things Happen At Sea80,950Alessandro Grussu (aka Gazzosa) since 5th of Dec. It'd had been first in ST2005 too, but I miss a player here that could beat this score... I think A. Grussu is waiting also for last week...
  • Zynaps151,525Alessandro Grussu (aka Gazzosa) since 8th of Dec. This is also a great score. A. Grussu has been improving his scores along the tournament, I think he's capable of beating it again.
Well, lot of great scores, almost by first two players on top. Only Mikie's hi-score is owned by a different player, BadBeard. It has been a shame that Lebowsk1 couldn't play to every game, he has been the revelation of the tournament.

I also want to encourage other players who have played to send a recording for every game, I'll do it although I know I won't do my best in any game...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Great scores in only 3 weeks

Finally 30 players have signed up this year, but for now only 16 have submitted recordings. In the first weeks we're seeing good scores, and interesting fights to get on top, also other new very good player has come to this SpeccyTour edition (Lebowsk1).

Current Hi-scores

  • 3D Tanx: 57900, Alessandro Grussu (aka Gazzosa) since 23rd of Oct. BadBeard and Lebowsk1, even Gazzosa will beat that score.
  • Badlands: 105080, Eduardo Yáñez (aka eyp, aka me ;)) since 23rd of Oct. I'm sure Gazzosa, even Spaceman will beat it soon, I'm not very active because of lack of time.
  • Bombjack: 1751470, Pablo Yanguas (aka rebufo) since 29th of Oct. Lebowsk1 is close to this score, but I'm sure a lot of players will fight to be the master of BJ.
  • Daley Thompson's Supertest: 161813, BadBeard since 17th of Oct. Not very serious score, it seems that people are waiting to play this game. It's needed almost 2 hours to get great scores.
  • Fred: 49500, Barthax since 14th of Oct. It's not a bad score, but it'll be twice at the end of the tournament.
  • Jumping Jack: 10725, Aleksandar Lukic (aka Alex Lux) since 24th of Oct. Great score indeed, it'll be very hard to beat.
  • Mikie: 383600 BadBeard since 30 of Oct. Impressive score together with the second one by Lebowsk1. Great fight on this game. I can't imagine the hi-score at the end.
  • Solomon's Key: 794280 -> 8422941, Lebowsk1 is the master of this game, since 29th of Oct. With this game you can see the advantages of new Leaderboard system.
  • Worse Things Happen At Sea: 27950, Alessandro Grussu(aka Gazzosa) since 21st of Oct. Not bad score in thr begining, it'll be beaten very soon.
  • Zynaps: 83575, Alessandro Grussu(aka Gazzosa) since 21st of Oct. I don't know which will be the final hi-score, but I'm sure it won't resist too much time.
Well,  that's all for now, the tournament carries on so I hope people who haven't submitted scores yet will do it soon. Also I hope to get more free time to fight a little bit more!

Good luck to everyone!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally, new leaderboard is working

Yes, after several hours working on it, we have a new leaderboard. You'll notice something different from previous years, indeed it is. This new LB system is a mix of old classic leaderboard (that I like more than F1 style), and F1 style with new point system.

Well, how it works:
  1. Classic system. First score gets 100 points, that is, 100%, next scores are a percentage of first score. (Score / High Score) * 100.
  2. F1 style re-loaded.  1st - 50, 2nd - 42, 3rd - 36, 4th - 31, 5th - 27, 6th - 24, 7th - 21, 8th - 19, 9th - 17, 10th - 16, 11th - 15 and so on, so > 25th will get 1 point.
    Formula for new LB system is easy: LB points = (Classic / 2) + F1.

    Also I've added links to games scores in the leaderboard. Enjoy!.

    Leaderboard is not working yet

    As you have noticed our Leaderboard hasn't been working, but nowadays it still doesn't work, so don't trust it!.

    We're working on it, so be patience, please.

    You may think that we could test it before the tournament begun, but I haven't access to source code until yesterday, so It's not my fault :). Anyway I hope it'll work today or tomorrow.

    When everything is right I'll tell you with more details how it works.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.